Relocation for Foreigners

Relocation for Foreigners

Resident employees' international relocation

Specialized international relocation removal service for resident employees' through B2B transaction for 20 years HJGL, a transport company specialized in B2B, has technical skills, develops professional personnels through many B2B transactions and offers each corporation's customized service.
We deliver your cargo on time and safely with 20FT and 40FT containers.
We have foreign branches and partners even in countries that have little cargo, including ones where international relocations are frequent.
Having foreign branches in over 190 countries and partners for 30 years, we can offer reasonable logistics price for you.

Foreign branch establishment and management in specialized area for resident employees

We established and manage foreign branches, collecting information based on decades-long global network throughout over 420 cities in about 190 countries. Our sisterhood relationship with professional partners enables customized B2B service and our quick feedback enables us to offer fast transportation service and solve any problems.

Moving for international students and international relocation

HJGL offers safer and more accurate transportation service than any other companies based on accumulated know-how by many resident employees' international relocation, increasing cargo steadily.
By stably securing cargo and loading containers quickly, we transport your stuff on time.

Development of moving professionals and management of exclusive man-to-man consultation for international students and relocation

International students and international relocation need accurate information and network since there are difference between of them based on area and purpose.
HJGL set up a sisterhood relationship with professional transportation companies in specialized areas such as America and Canada, which enables provision of more accurate information about inbound/outbound relocation. Also we have professionals who help packing, customs clearance, and delivery for your convenience. As a result, you can use safe and fast transportation service.